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Useful Documents

Useful Documents & Links

Farmers planning dairy infrastructure projects may find useful these documents useful – including the Victorian Guidelines on feed pads and the management of dairy effluent, checklists for planning applications and creating whole farm plans.

Guidelines for Victorian Dairy Feedpads and Freestalls

Use these guidelines for a clear and concise overview of all the elements to consider when undertaking the initial development and longer term management of these more intensive facilities.

~ PDF (2180KB)

Effluent and Manure Management Database

The purpose of this guideline is to assist dairy farmers make informed and practical decisions in relation to dairy effluent management while taking into consideration farm productivity and environmental requirements.

~ PDF (250KB)

Checklist for Planning Applications

When applying for a planning application it is key to know your property land zone, the current and future utilities, any overlays and your legal obligations.

~ Webpage

Whole Farm Plan Checklist

This checklist helps farmers navigate through the requirements of putting together a Whole Farm Plan as part of a planning application for development in rural areas.

~ Webpage

Application for Planning Permit Forms

A useful list of appropriate forms for your local council, or the relevant council or departmental regional office.

~ Webpage

Find your Local Council

Not sure which shire your dairy infrastructure is based in?  Just enter the postcode, suburb or town name here.

~ Webpage

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