These checklists aim to assist with developing a infrastructure development drawing and identifying the planning documents that may be required.

Pad dimensions


Neighbouring sensitive developments

Proposed water, electricity or gas access points

Volume of surfacing material (e.g. concrete)

Any changes in levels due to earthworks

Any earthworks computations

Native vegetation

Vehicular and stock access points

Laneway dimensions

Water & feed trough dimensions

Property boundaries

Dimensions of solids traps, culverts, pipes etc.

Volume/dimension of flood wash system

Catchment areas for effluent storage

Proposed vegetation plantings


Location of channels, drains and waterways

The distance to and location of any water supply channels, potential waterways, drains, bores

The distance to and location of any roads in the vicinity

Any proposed or existing levees or bunding


North point

Other feed pads in the vicinity



Depth to water table

Pumps, bores or metered outlets including bore identification

Confirm with your council planning officer which of these documents will be required:

Property details including title boundaries, crown allotment numbers, locality etc.

A detailed drawn plan of the construction

Proposed measures to control contaminated and uncontaminated runoff from the feed pad and from the farm

A water budget for runoff dam or effluent dam sizing

Any covenants which apply to the property

Evidence of compliance with buffer distances

Proposed measures to minimise off site impacts from odour and noise

Details of any proposed solid waste harvesting, storage and reuse

Details of any proposed liquid waste harvesting, storage and reuse

Details of any proposed waste treatment process

Nutrient budget for any effluent reuse enterprises

Water budget for any effluent reuse enterprises

Measures for pad construction to ensure minimal permeability (for earth and stone pads)

Measures to minimise waterway and groundwater impacts

Details of the impact of earthworks on water movement across property boundaries