Consider all the options

Once you have considered current and future capacity requirements and general siting considerations, the next step is to consider the options in some detail so you end up with a design you can manage and one that lets you achieve your aims. Explore examples below of various infrastructure design solutions:

Feed Pad Surfaces

Regardless of the surface type your feed pad should have certain features.

Feed Out Options

It is important that all stock can eat comfortably with minimal competition.

Feed Delivery Equipment

Machinery can constitute a significant part of the investment in a feed pad.

Feed Storage

All feeds should be stored to minimise spoilage and wastage.

Loafing Areas

An area that provides a location for cows to ruminate


Shade encourages cows to keep eating and can reduce heat stress.

Effluent Management

It is easy to overload an existing effluent system with a new development.

11060A dairy flood wash system for a feedpadA dairy flood wash system for a feedpad in wet winter


The type of infrastructure will dictate how it is cleaned.