Making the best decisions around infrastructure development investment is all about sound analysis of your available options. This section covers the various  infrastructure types, the benefits and limitations for each along with specific design considerations.

Permanent Feedpad

This type of feed pad is used for regular supplementary feeding of cows on an area of land that is either formed with a solid foundation and/or concreted to establish a permanent facility.

Dairy Shelter - Slatted Floor

A fully covered facility with a concrete slatted floor that covers an effluent holding bunker. The bunker is made of concrete and is large enough to hold or store effluent for extended periods.

Dairy Shelter - Loose litter

This is a fully covered facility, usually built with plastic film over a framed roof. The base is a soft bedding material such as straw, sawdust or woodchips, capable of absorbing some effluent.

Composted Pack facility

Compost bedded pack is an alternative loose floor system or approach for dairy housing facilities that is typically suited to warmer and dryer climates. The set up often utilises centralised cow alleys and feed alleys.

Freestall facility

These are permanent, engineered structures in which dairy cows are housed and usually provided with their daily feed requirements and water. They may be open air, partially or fully enclosed.