This section looks at on farm case studies where actual Australian dairy farmers talk about their experience of infrastructure investment.

Moving to a Concrete Feedpad

Read about Matt and Renee’s experience in moving to a concrete feedpad to improve production and deal with wet conditions more effectively.

Moving to an All Season Shelter

Read about Simon and Pep’s experiences moving to an all-season shelter with a loose woodchip floor to protect their pasture no matter what the weather.

Moving to an Earthen Feedpad with Concrete Troughs

Read about Jamie and Jacinta’s  who farm in South West Victoria and have recently moved to an earthen feedpad with concrete troughs.

Moving to a Grazing and Free Stall System

Lee and Gary farm 430 ha at Cooriemungle in South West Victoria and have moved to a grazing and free stall system. Read about their experience.

Moved to a Concrete Feedpad with Feed Bunker and Yard Sprinklers

Tony and Ellie farm in Northern Victoria and  have moved to a concrete feedpad with feed bunker and yard sprinklers.