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What to consider
before you invest?

Make the best decision by looking
at all the available options

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Making the best
financial decision

Use our tools for an initial assessment of the
financial impact of your development

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What plans do I

need before I build?

You need to prepare a number of plans
for submission before construction

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Dairyinfrastructure.com.au is an online platform to enable informed decision making around dairy infrastructure projects. It is an initiative supported by Agriculture Victoria and Dairy Australia.


Planning Help

Building permit and planning scheme information


Adviser Checklist

These checklists aim to assist with developments

Check It Out Tool

Examine the financial impact of your development


Effluent Management

Drainage and effluent management solutions


Useful documents for planning projects.

Case Studies

“Our biggest concern was feed wastage so we opted for a concrete feedpad to improve production”

Matt and Renee’s story

“We have opted at this stage for an earthen feedpad with concrete troughs. In the future, we will consider a fully concreted pad”

Jamie and Jacinta’s Story

“We now have a winter/summer shelter with an adjacent earthen feed pad”.

Simon & Pep’s story

Dairy Freestall Hibberd-1
“We decided to incorporate a freestall within our grazing system, feed more silage and hay, and start milking three times a day”

Lee & Gary’s story

“Do your homework and experiment on farm to get a sense of the impact a change will make before you jump in

Development Types

Permanent Feedpad

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Dairy Shelter: Slatted Floor

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Composted Pack Facility

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Dairy Shelter: Loose Litter

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Whole Farm Analysis

Advisers who can help with the development of a whole farm financial analysis to examine the feasibility of an on farm infrastructure development.

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